ISWAP fighters are reorganizing themselves in the axis of Lake Chad – warns Ndume

Following the worsening insecurity in the country, Ali Ndume, the senator representing Borno South, warned of the terrorist group, the West African province of the Islamic State (ISWAP), which is regrouping in the axis of Lake Chad.

This was stated on Sunday November 14 by the chairman of the Senate army commission, reacting to Saturday’s attacks on Askira in Borno by ISWAP fighters.

Ndume who commiserated with the Nigerian army for the incident and greeted Brig. Gen. Zirkusu, playing a valiant soldier who fought against terrorists, said the intensity of the attack on Askira is worrying as the troops have eliminated key ISWAP commanders in Borno.

The legislator has urged other security agencies to provide the Nigerian military with the necessary support. He also urged residents in the Chibok area to be calm and not relocate, as the Nigerian army has what it takes to fight the insurgents.

He said;

“I want to express my condolences to the Nigerian army for the death of the general who died along the Chibok road.

“ISWAP terrorists attacked a city there. They know the general was the main obstacle to their operation. They ambushed and slammed a car loaded with bombs into his vehicle.

“He was a valiant soldier. It has brought the fight to the terrorists. His death made people in that area panic.

“I know that some people in that area of ​​Chibok have started thinking about moving.

“Some want to go to Mubi and other places. We are trying to urge them to stay there. The insurrection is coming to an end.

“This is not the end, but the beginning of the end of the terrorists. I know the military has what it takes to fight them.

“Other security agencies need to be urged to provide the military with the necessary support. We also need to urge vigilante groups to assist them.

“For now, let’s assume it was an isolated case. But the intensity with which they came is worrying.

“They came with more than 10 armed trucks. They are also clustering around Borno Nord. This is the axis of Lake Chad.

“The military is aware and the Air Force is providing surveillance in the area. It was a mission of revenge. The army eliminated key ISWAP commanders and took their revenge.

“Last week, for example, they kidnapped the relatives of the Emir of Askira. They also kidnapped some passengers along that road. If the army supports the temple, we will win this uprising.

“The equipment is gradually arriving. We are monitoring. As a committee, we will go and see what has been brought to the country.

“This is an improvement. The army is very quick to respond. The military is currently involved in approximately 33 states. I’m under pressure ”.

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