ISWAP terrorists attack a military base in Askira / Uba, in the state of Borno

The Askira / Uba local government area in Borno state is currently under attack by ISWAP terrorists.

In a report now deleted by humanglemedia, farmers saw a convoy of fully armed terrorists in about 13 vehicles approaching the city.

Askira / Uba is the hometown of Borno’s vice president, the Hon. Musa Abdullahi Askira.

Other Facebook users also ask NAF for help;

Please, family and friends, your prayers are needed my hometown ASKIRA UBA is under attack from Boko Haram.

Suspected fighters from the province of the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) are currently in a firefight with troops at a military base in the Askira / Uba local government area of ​​Borno state.

Some civilians said they spotted ISWAP fighters in a long convoy of armed trucks along the Ngude axis towards Askira early this morning.

Civilians claimed to have reported the terrorist movement to security forces, but no action was taken before the deadly group stormed the town of Askira hours later.

While confirming the attacks, Eng. Abdullahi Musa Askira, vice-president of the Borno House Assembly, told our correspondent that the insurgents and troops are currently exchanging gunshots.

“Yes, ISWAP is currently attacking the town of Askira. I have been reliably informed that our troops are fighting them, but the residents are in the bush.

“My people told me that the insurgents arrived with about 16 trucks with firearms and that now there is confusion throughout the city,” said Eng. Askira said.

A member of the civilian JTF, Yakubu Luka, said the attackers immediately stormed the city, went to the military base.

“We are expecting a reinforcement from the neighboring community, while I am talking to you there are heavy gunshots going on.”

“We call on the authorities to send fighter planes to support the ground soldiers. We are outnumbered; we only have five vans with us ”. Yakubu said.

The causality data could not be ascertained at the time of submitting this report.

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