Italian theaters closed due to coronavirus threat

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Every Italian city is a real gem! And beautiful Bologna is one of the few remaining walled cities that have been historically preserved in Europe, and one of the richest cities in Italy, in the coat of arms, which contains the word Libertas, which means freedom.

Bologna is famous for several theaters, the most famous of which is the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, one of the most important opera houses in Italy, along with La Scala in Milan and La Fenice in Venice.

Teatro Komunale was built in 1763 as a public theater – Nuovo Teatro Publicco – with public funds. The building was erected by the architect Antonio Galli, and it opened with a production of Gluck’s opera “The Triumph of Clelia”. Over the past centuries, the theater has been rebuilt and reconstructed several times, but it still remains an example of the “golden age” of theater architecture.

Operas of great Italian composers sounded at the Teatro Comunale: Rossini (as many as 12!), Bellini, Verdi staged their premieres here … such an opinion!) literally everyone leaves the hall with tears in their eyes!

On these sunny February days (in Italy, spring begins much earlier) in the magnificent Bologna, “the fattest” – as it was called in the old days, the city of Italy, the premiere of the play “Madame Butterfly” took place.

For the first time at the Teatro Komunal, the Russian woman Svetlana Kasyan performed the title role – Madame Butterfly. A striking appearance, which is somewhat reminiscent of the great Maria Callas (and not only her appearance, many compare Svetlana’s voice with Callas’s voice) is surprisingly combined with her simple and modest character.

After the premiere, which was a great success, Svetlana answered several questions.

Italians are recognized trendsetters. When asked what importance is attached to sets and costumes in modern Italian theater, Svetlana answered: “Italians don’t spare money for performances. When I sang “Manon” in Turin, the scenery was amazingly skillful, in the best classical tradition! Chic fabrics, powdered wigs, real lace, sewing. Operas in Italy – in terms of production – are real masterpieces. Everyone likes the Butterfly. Tickets were sold out on February 7th. The price of a parterre ticket is about 200 euros, which is very expensive. For 80 euros you can buy a place in the gallery itself, and not a single free place!

Svetlana Kasyan is a frequent visitor to different Italian cities, but she especially noted Bologna, because she has been living here for several months, rehearsing and preparing the premiere: “I am absolutely delighted with Bologna. The climate here is amazing, air, nature – absolutely everything! Bologna is a gastronomic oasis, a real cosmos of tastes, aromas, it is just a capital for gourmets! Everything is incredibly tasty, for example, ravioli is a dish from here. I have lived a lot in Italy, but most of all in terms of comfort I like Verona and Bologna. All shops are always open here, there are different options for food both for vegetarians and for people who prefer only natural products … And how many discoveries can be made here in terms of architectural masterpieces!

In conclusion, Svetlana said, “It is fortunate that I managed to sing three premiere performances, because since February 24 all performances in Italian theaters have been canceled, and I managed to take part in the premiere, this is such a reward for my work!”

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Photo: Irina Kim