JAMB kicks parents out of UTME offices

JAMB kicks parents out of UTME offices

PUNCH reports that the Joint Admissions and Admissions Commission has banned parents from attending joint examination centers for higher education enrollment.

JAMB Chancellor Prof. Ishak Oloyd, ordering CBT centers across the country to prevent parents / guardians from entering the enrollment room again.

Oloed reportedly made his decision after checking some of the registration centers in Kvar, which were overcrowded.

The Chancellor said that it has been found that parents / guardians are always distracting both applicants and centers, while at the same time overwhelming the halls by not adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

“Oloede also advised parents / guardians to stop promoting education in their wards faster than necessary.

“For example, a 14-15 year old child is not mature enough to go through the registration process and college pressure and is vulnerable to exploitation by fraudsters,” he added.

Oloyede also advised state education ministries and relevant stakeholders who take responsibility for high school enrollment to always establish the true age of students before entering high school.

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