Joe Biden: Russia is the biggest threat to the United States

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has recognized Russia as the biggest threat to the United States.

“I think the biggest threat to America right now, in terms of undermining our security and our alliances, is Russia. Secondly, I think China is the biggest competitor, ”Biden said in an interview with CBS.

According to Biden, the future of Russian-American relations depends on the United States, the countries may continue to remain competitors, or this will develop into “more serious rivalry in terms of the balance of forces.”

We will remind that the former vice-president, and now the presidential candidate of the United States published a video message in which he promised that if he is elected, “Putin’s tyranny will come to an end.” Biden accused the Kremlin of trying to discredit him.

“Once again, Putin and the Russians are trying to interfere in our elections and decide who will be president,” Biden said. – And this time I became the object of their attention. Because Putin knows that if I become the president of the United States, his days of tyranny, his attempts to intimidate the United States and the countries of Eastern Europe will come to an end. He is outrageous, just like the President (Trump). And I know that he doesn’t want me to become president. But I’ll tell you what: when I become president, everything will change. “

Addressing Putin, he said: “… The American people decide in their elections, not you.”

According to Biden, “Russian Facebook trolls are back. And this time they opposed my election campaign. We cannot allow a repeat of 2016. “

The former US vice president also described the ruling Putin gang in Russia as a regime of assassins. After the story of the chemical terrorist attack against Navalny, he said:

“The method of attacking a political opponent leaves no doubt about who is responsible – the Russian state. This outrageous and brazen assassination attempt on Navalny’s life is just another incident in a long history of murder and poisoning of dissidents, journalists, anti-corruption activists and opposition leaders under the Putin regime. This is the hallmark of the Russian regime, which is so paranoid that it does not want to tolerate any criticism or dissent. “

Biden has pledged that as president, he will do what Trump refuses to do – “work with allies and partners to bring the Putin regime to justice for its crimes.”

For our part, let us point out: experience teaches that pre-election statements and promises in the United States mean absolutely nothing. Entering the White House, the new American presidents completely forget about “bad Russia” and begin to play their favorite game “real politician”. There is no reason to believe that Biden’s threats and promises will not turn out to be as idle talk as the threats of all previous US presidents.

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