Joe Parkinson: Because Bukhari, Nigerian officials are “nervous” about Biden.

Joe Parkinson: Because Bukhari, Nigerian officials are “nervous” about Biden.

President Muhammadu Bukhari and his administration are reportedly unhappy with Joe Biden’s victory.

The Democratic nominee will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America.

This will happen if incumbent President Donald Trump fails in his attempt to stop Biden through the Supreme Court.

The president insists that his rival did not win the November 3 vote. His lawsuit begins Monday.

On Sunday, the head of the Wall Street Journal’s African office, Joe Parkinson, noted that Bukhari and the federal authorities are concerned about Biden’s presidency.

Noting that Barack Obama and Biden, as President and Vice President of the United States, endorsed Bukhari ahead of the 2015 elections, the Pulitzer Prize finalist said the days of romance were long gone.

Parkinson cited Biden’s condemnation of rights violations and Lecky’s shooting, which sparked worldwide outrage.

On October 20, Nigerian army troops marched to a toll station in Lekki and opened fire on unarmed SARS protesters, waving Nigeria’s flags and singing the national anthem.

Parkinson said Bukhari was one of the first African leaders to congratulate Biden, but privately some of his key advisers hoped and worried about Trump winning.

“The reasons are pretty simple and related: human rights, #EndSARS protests and arms sales,” he tweeted.

Referring to the image of Bukhari and Biden, he wrote: “This photo was taken in Washington in 2015, when Bukhari was toast to the city – the old general’s ‘new broom’ will eradicate corruption and (more importantly for the United States) rejected Boko Haram “.

The analyst said that Biden welcomed Bukhari to the White House that day before meeting with Obama.

Parkinson recalled that at these meetings, Obama promised Nigeria new military assistance to fight the war and search for kidnapped terrorist girls from Chibok.

He added that America stopped giving Bukhari and his government what they really wanted – stormtroopers – because of human rights concerns.

Parkinson said it was the Trump administration that agreed to sell the Super Tucanos for $ 600 million, and later the attack helicopters that Nigeria had long hoped would be a turning point in the fight against Boko Haram. …

“This sale – although mostly paid for – has not yet been completed. Ironically, in October, senior State Department officials stayed at the Abuja Hilton to clarify details, while #EndSARS protesters were on the streets of Nigerian cities. This is Bukhari’s problem.

Biden’s campaign issued a statement two days before the Trump administration after the military trashed a toll station in Lecchi. He went much further, saying that “the United States must stay with the Nigerians who are demonstrating peacefully.”

“The heady days of 2015, when Obama and Biden viewed Bukhari as the man who would wage a quick and victorious war against Boko Haram, are long gone. The war has metastasized. Northeast Nigeria has become the base for one of the most successful regional franchises of the Islamic State – ISWAP.

“So President Biden may be much less welcoming to Bukhari; is much more skeptical of arms sales to the Nigerian military, and is much more outspoken in criticizing any crackdown on protests. That is why, despite the tweets, some at the top of the Bukhari administration are nervous, ”added Parkinson.

Source: – Daily Post

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