journalist Kiki Mordi condemned for betraying her colleagues

journalist Kiki Mordi condemned for betraying her colleagues

Nigerian investigative journalist Kiki Mordi has been sued for deceiving and recognizing creative work that was not her only idea.

Ruona J. Meyer, a visiting fellow journalist, phoned her on Twitter for cheating on her colleagues who worked together on the documentary Sex for Grades.

Sex for ratings was released by BBC Africa Eye in 2019 and since then Kiki Mordi has received numerous awards and accolades for it.

Ruona J. Meyer tweeted that the documentary was not actually Kiki Mordi’s idea.

In a series of social media posts, she claimed that OO did indeed tell the story, but Kiki was unable to share with her the money she received in return.

See His statements below;

Kiki, do not forget this time at least to share the prize fund with OO and thank her – since it was her whole story in the form in which it was presented, arose / began. Real journalists are respected and taken into account, not just by the government.

OO, fellow journalist did not strike a fair deal, and you remain an accomplice and beneficiary. Facts, complaints, answers and even his thread there. It is better to do it well, because journalism cannot insist on ethics and justice of others, but deceives inside.

I was in that edition when NO and OO told this story, so don’t try me today … I suggest you try Jesus instead. This is the best variant.

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