Kebbie Corper, Juliet Icke, builds a kitchen for a school while studying in New York.

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Kebbie Corper, Juliet Icke, builds a kitchen for a school while studying in New York.

The corporation woman, Juliet Ike Chiamaka, shared her experience of serving in Kebbie State and also shared photos of her accomplishments at her main office (PPA).


One of my goals in the service year was to implement a personal community development project.

When I was sent to serve in Kebbi, I was not happy, and for several days I was almost depressed, because I had never been in the North before and could not imagine myself for so long without my family.

When I left for Orientation Camp, I had plans for a translation, but … as you say; man offers, but God disposes … History has changed.

In orientation camp, I began to realize what I considered unimportant, and eventually I was sent to my primary post of assignment (PPA), which was the school.

✓ Upon arrival, the first thing I saw were students walking in “bath slippers” and some walking barefoot. …

This immediately structured something in me, and I decided to give the shoes to as many shoes as possible.

As the day progressed, I began to realize that the students at my school and those in the vicinity had more problems and problems. Some range from;

✓ Demolition of a school kitchen due to heavy rain, which was poorly built with zinc and wood

✓ Another reason was the neglect of parents to pay more attention to girls’ personal development, health and hygiene.

In extreme cases, I realized that some of these students shy away from simple hygiene and body care, especially the measurement process. Some who could not afford sanitary napkins in extreme cases use napkins, which in most cases are harmful to them; I’ve been here before …

These and many others …

Driven by my zeal in solving some of these problems, I decided to take on these three projects, and although raising funds (mainly due to the pandemic) was not easy, I succeeded.

I am very glad that these three projects have been completed and commissioned.

The commissioning was covered for FREE by the state-owned Kebbie Television (KBTV) and Vision FM.

It was also appropriate that the commander of the 1st Army Battalion, Birnin Kebbie, and Dr. Nasiru Kigo (executive secretary of the State Pension Council) honored the event.

I am very grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be a blessing to my host community and to Kebbi State in general.

More importantly, the kitchen was rebuilt from blocks and even painted.

I am also grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout this project, especially for the support I received from the host communities, my friends, families and loved ones.

I give God all the glory

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