Kidnapped students of Kagara, employees are held in Birney Gwari, Kaduna – Governor of Matavalla

Zamfara State Governor Bello Matavalle said the abducted students and staff at the State College of Science in Kagar, Niger, had been detained by their abductors in Birni Gwari, Kaduna State.

The governor, who announced this on Sunday evening in the Sunday Politics program, also assured that the abducted would soon be released.

“Kagara’s disciples are in the vicinity of Birnin-Gvari in Kaduna State, which I believe will be returning home soon,” the governor said.

Matavalle also insisted on working with stakeholders and believes this is the key to the country’s success in fighting crime.

He said: “As you know, the issue of security requires more commitment from all the parties involved. We have two major security problems in the north related to banditry and Boko Haram.

“The security officers are doing everything in their power, but we must all take the bridge into our own hands to be successful. Another problem is that all stakeholder leaders must address emerging issues and speak with one voice. “

52 kidnapped passengers make peace with their families

Meanwhile, 52 passengers abducted by gunmen while traveling on a bus from the Niger State Transportation Authority, NSTA, reconciled with their families yesterday after the state government secured their release late Sunday night.

They were received by Alhaji State Governor Abubakar Bello at the Government House at about 11:30 pm on Sunday.

The abducted men underwent a series of medical examinations yesterday before they were finally released by their relatives, who filled the apartments of the State Supply Company in front of the Government House, where they were closely monitored.

Governor Alhaji Ibrahim Kagar’s chief of staff, addressing the extremely agitated victims and their families on behalf of Governor Bello before leaving for their homes, said they should put their sadness aside when they return home and start thanking God for their safety.

In interviews with some of the freed victims, they stated that the purpose of the bandits was to eliminate them due to their inability to part with their money and other valuables and pay the required ransom.

Victims share their experiences

One of the victims, Mohammad Ndagi, a government official, said that for the first two days they were not fed at all and had to travel several kilometers to reach the dense forest.

He said: “The goal of the bandits was to kill us. We had to walk several kilometers until we got to a dense forest.

“They didn’t give us food or water. We were forced to sleep on the bare floor in the forest and periodically beaten mercilessly by bandits. “

One victim, named Hajiya Rabiu, said she never knew she would survive the agony.

He said: “The bandits asked us for money, telephone and other valuables and threatened to kill us if we refused to cooperate with them.

“We gave everything with us, including money, phone and other valuables, but they still threatened to kill us if we refused to obey their instructions. They also asked us for a $ 50 million ransom, which we were unable to raise, and this further exacerbated their anger. “

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