Kidnapping, banditry, non-federal crimes in Nigeria – Lai Mohammed

Kidnapping, banditry, non-federal crimes in Nigeria – Lai Mohammed

The government, led by President Muhammadu Bukhari, says kidnapping and banditry are not federal crimes in Nigeria.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Information Minister Lai Mohammed made the comment in response to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) statement about an unsafe environment.

“It’s shocking that the party that ruled the country for 16 years doesn’t know that kidnapping and banditry are not federal crimes,” he said.

The minister told the party to withdraw states, including those it controls, to ensure a rigorous trial against the arrested kidnappers and bandits.

Mohammed said the NDP does not respect his own words as he was playing cheap politics by playing the ostrich.

He noted that the opposition made harsh accusations against the president and his government.

“For example, the PDP argued that the government refused to make a commitment and that we are running a ‘government of exclusion’ and did not involve stakeholders.”

Mohammed insisted that the current administration is constantly engaging Nigerians in addressing pressing national issues, including security, anti-corruption, terrorism, infrastructure, and pastoralist-pastoralist conflicts.

He said that the last of these City Hall meetings was in Kaduna and then listed recommendations.

The minister said that the participants agreed: the governance of human society should be based on the law, and not on the whims and whims of people, and should be respected by all, since all people are equal before the law, including legislators;

That there is an urgent need for political restructuring, not secession; That the judiciary is decentralized and reformed through a constitutional amendment to remove unitary control over higher courts;

That governments at all levels must provide free, quality and compulsory primary education for all children of school age;

That the army, police and other security agencies should be increased in number, retrained, equipped with modern equipment and technologies to solve emerging security problems.

Both religious and traditional leaders should encourage and encourage intermarriage for unity, as stipulated in the 1999 Constitution, as amended, article 15, 3 (c), which prescribes intermarriage between people of different origins or a different religion, ethnicity or linguistic association or connection;

The creation of the state police must be supported by the Houses of the National Assembly and the State Assembly to allow state governments to have firm control over security matters.

Traditional rulers should be given their secular role in maintaining peace and security in their domains;

The autonomy of local governments should be updated to enable them to control their areas, including unmanaged spaces, while addressing security concerns;

Let the clashes between farmers and shepherds be resolved with the creation of ranches, pastures with modern means to combat transhuman shepherds.

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