KREMLIN SECRETS. Putin has progressive Parkinson’s disease. The Kremlin refutes

Posted by on Nov 6, 2020, Under: News

The Sun and the Daily Mail have reported that the 68-year-old Kremlin ringleader Putin is in worsening health, which will force him to step down from power next year.

The material indicates that the leader of the ruling KGB gang in Russia suffers from Parkinson’s disease (a slowly progressive chronic neurodegenerative neurological disease). According to journalists, a new leader may appear in Russia in 2021.

The Kremlin press officer, Peskov, said he had “nothing special to comment on” in connection with The Sun and the Daily Mail: “This is complete nonsense. The president is doing well with his health and is not going to retire, ”says Peskov, who, according to sources in Moscow, has not had direct contact with Putin in the past year.

Recall that information about a certain illness of Putin, which will not allow him to remain in the Kremlin, is rather actively disseminated by the Kremlin insider Valery Solovey. Nightingale reported about Parkinson’s disease during his last interview with Echo of Moscow. At the same time, he hinted that this is not Putin’s only medical problem, but refused to give details.

According to the same Nightingale and other insiders, there is a fierce undercover struggle in the Kremlin for the post of Putin’s successor. There is no clear favorite yet. However, against the background of the fact that Russia is on the eve of a growing crisis, the plans of the Kremlin clans to preserve the current system of power with the change of the leader may crumble due to unpredictable and large-scale popular riots.

It is the uncertainty of the prospects that makes the majority of the members and beneficiaries of the Putin regime hastily export their wealth and assets abroad.