Kwara Gov, Abdul Razak, walks with ENDSARS protesters, calls for calm

Qwara State Governor Abdul Rahman Abdul Razak on Thursday accompanied hundreds of #EndSARS protesters to police headquarters in Ilorin, the state capital, urging them to remain calm and peaceful as their complaints will be promptly addressed.

While acknowledging the complaints of the protesters, Abdul Razak said that he and some governors and some businessmen recently held a large-scale meeting with some people involved in the protest movement, after which their five-point requests were forwarded to President Muhammad. Bukhari.

He said the president had already complied with the five-point demands of the protesters, whose actions, especially in Qvar, the governor said, remained peaceful and largely coordinated.

Accompanied by his deputy, Kayode Alaby, the governor joined the protest outside the Ilorin Government House, where mostly young protesters gathered. He briefly addressed the protesters and then, at their request, took them to the police headquarters a few kilometers away.

Addressing protesters outside the police building, Abdul Razak said the young people spoke loudly and clearly and defended their interests from the government.

He announced the establishment of an ombudsman through which people can make their complaints and receive the same care in the state. He said that the ombudsman will mediate between the offended citizens and the security forces.

“Anyway, we are all victims. Since then I have joined the protest. Some of you may notice on the Internet that on Monday I attended a Zoom meeting with Haji Aisha Yesufu, Aliko Dangote, Wizkid and others to come to a resolution on this protest.

This has led in part to the development of a five-point agenda that is currently being implemented by the federal government. The President definitely listens to complaints, ”Abdul Razak said.

“The Police Commissioner has heard your complaints here. I also listened. Thank you for your peace of mind, ”he said.

“I ask you to give (Mr. President) the time necessary to implement the five-point agenda. The reform will certainly solve all the problems. “

Meanwhile, the governor said that not everyone in the police force is bad, and many of them are working hard to ensure public safety.

The protesters had previously asked the governor to join them and draw the attention of the police to their complaints.

They thanked the governor for joining the protest and called on him to ensure that their complaints were resolved.

Kwara State Police Commissioner Kayode Egbetokun, who also addressed the protesters, praised them for their peacefulness and said that specific officers mentioned by the protesters would be investigated.

“I want to assure you that the Nigerian police are supporting young people. We have heard your report against some of our officers. I want to ask you to report everything against the police directly to me in this state. I assure you that measures will be taken, ”said Egbetokun.

Source: – Vanguard

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