Lady tells what happened after “NEPA caught fire” when she underwent surgery at Umuahia hospital.

A woman from Nigeria, named Blessing Nwobodo, told the story of how she managed to avoid dying during surgery in a hospital.

Nvovodo was fortunate enough to stay alive after the “NEPA” lit up with light during an operation at the Umuakhia hospital.

Writer Blessing Nwobodo said she found a lump in her chest and was advised to remove it, even if it was not cancerous.

A public hospital in Abia state went on strike, so she went to a private hospital in Umuahia.

He explained that during the operation he was under local anesthesia and was conscious. In the middle of the performance, NEPA took the light.

He said the doctor who performed the operation had fled and asked his aunt to call someone named Ifeani to turn on the generator. Ifeani returned and said there was no fuel.

A nurse came in with a flashlight, which the doctor used during the operation until the electricity was restored.

Blessing explained that she looked up at the ceiling as it all unfolded and sang Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music”.

She said that because of her experience, she wanted to curse Nigeria, but she realized that “the country is already cursed.”

Read his post below.

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