Lagos agency, LASPPPA closes 62 buildings for violation of permit law

Sixty-two buildings in the Okota area of ​​Lagos state were closed on Monday November 17 by the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA).

Agency officials raided the area to enforce state physical planning laws that the perpetrators said had been violated.

An agency statement on its Instagram page claims it has declared zero tolerance on illegal facilities in the state of Lagos.

The move comes weeks after a 21-story building collapsed on Gerrard Road in the Ikoyi area of ​​Lagos in southwestern Nigeria, killing around 45 people.

The agency said it closed the properties for violating the state’s physical planning permits law.

It said the owners / developers were notified on 21 October but have not responded.

“The authority calls on the public to report distressed buildings and illegal construction in their locality,” the statement said.

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