Lagos jury, unexpectedly visiting military hospital, found no morgue

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Lagos jury, unexpectedly visiting military hospital, did not find morgue

In an effort to uncover allegations of massacres committed by the military at the Lekki toll station in Lagos during the EndSARS protest, a retired jury led by Judge Doris Okuobi yesterday focused on the return of SARS victims and the shooting of Lekki. made an unscheduled visit to the Ikoya military hospital in search of his morgue.

There have been speculations that the bodies of some of the protesters were dumped into the morgue after they were allegedly killed by soldiers while trying to move them to a toll collection point.

But access to the morgue was initially difficult due to a small confrontation between the commission members and the soldiers guarding the gates of the military hospital.

The soldiers stated that they were unaware of their arrival and were against the protocol of arriving without warning.

After initial resistance from the soldiers for about 30 minutes, the members of the commission were finally admitted to the hospital. The soldiers apparently received permission from their superiors to allow commission members to enter the hospital.

While inside, General A.I. Taiwo led them through the military facility. Surprisingly, no morgue was found at the facility during the inspection.

General Taiwo informed the group that there was no morgue in the hospital.

The members of the commission were also informed that the hospital was undergoing renovations over the past year.

Speaking to reporters before being admitted to the military hospital, Commissioner Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, SAN, said the group has “classified information” about the military hospital related to the investigation into the Lekki shooting on Tuesday 20 October. , 2020.

He said: “We are carrying out our mandate on behalf of the Governor of Lagos State in accordance with the laws of the court.

“Today (yesterday) we have already inspected the toll station in Lekki, and we are here to make an unscheduled visit to the morgue of the military hospital.

“We have confidential information about some of the events in the hospital, and we are waiting for them to give us access to inspect the morgue, because we have reason to believe that this institution is related to our investigation.

“We do not want to draw any conclusions yet until we get access to this morgue. We have a pathologist working with us to help us carry out medical examinations of bodies in the morgue. ”

But all the jury’s claims turned out to be a ruse.

The members of the forensic investigation committee had previously visited the toll collection point in Lekki, where five bullets were found.

During the visit, Lekki Concession Company (LCC) Managing Director, toll gate operator on motorways, Mr. Abayomi Omomuva, who was escorting the commissioners to the facility, revealed that footage of what happened at the toll station was intact on 20 October.

He said that the camera in the tree was working until the massacre on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

He said: “We still need to conduct a private investigation into the shooting. Yes, we have untouched footage, but we have not received any investigations or documents regarding the shooting.

“We have a toll station on the motorway and the Lecchi toll bridge, also known as TP3. We have the last location, which is in the Chevron area. We do not charge any duty there. This is our head office and this is Toll Plaza 2. This is where the shooting took place that day.

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