Lagos one-way anti-traffic squad stole 42 vehicles, 4 uniformed officers arrested

Lagos one-way anti-traffic squad stole 42 vehicles, 4 uniformed officers arrested

Three police officers and one of the naval forces are among the criminals whose cars were hijacked on Friday following a forced execution by the Lagos State government’s anti-trafficking and other crime team.

The perpetrators collided with their Waterloo during command operations along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway and in the Mile 2 area of ​​the state.

At least 42 vehicles, including two articulated trucks and commercial tricycles driving against the traffic, were arrested by a squad led by Governor Watch Group (GMT) Police Chief Shola Jejeloe, Police Superintendent (SP).

Friday’s execution was carried out jointly by the team and people from the Lagos Traffic Administration (LASTMA).

The squad was specially created last Monday by Police Commissioner Mr. Hakim Odumosu at the request of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, with a special mandate to arrest and confiscate one-way vehicles, BRT lanes and even commercial motorcycles. works in closed areas.

The mission took a dangerous turn when a commercial bus driver passing the carriageway on the Sele Bridge attempted to ram active vehicles of the one-way countermeasures unit in an attempt to avoid arrest.

Instead of stopping, the bus driver, who was fully loaded with passengers, made his way dangerously through the crevices of the convoy and tried to run over the police on the spot. The bus stopped when a reckless driver ran into a stopped water carrier. The driver immediately disappeared, leaving the passengers of the bus to fend for themselves.

The group also approached two police officers who were driving an Escort pickup truck in the one-way lane at the Toyota bus stop along the Apapa-Oshodi highway. The car was confiscated, along with a naval class car, which was driving against traffic near the Itir roundabout.

Another police officer driving a private Toyota Camry was arrested by the team around the 2nd mile.

Various commercial buses and tricycles obstructing traffic in various locations were also arrested and towed to the task force’s office in Alaus.

Speaking during the operation, the commander of GMT Jejeloye promised that the team will not give in to its demands and restore sanity in the streets.

Jejeloy described one-way driving as a safety issue, saying the threat usually endangers the lives of road users who obey the rules of the road. He added that many passengers died due to driving in one direction.

He said: “We are once again warning drivers who do not want to comply with Lagos traffic rules. We will not be satisfied with what has already been achieved until we are sure that road users comply with the rules and ensure free traffic.

“We also have a governor’s mandate to ensure that those who obstruct our highways are arrested, both road traders and vehicles. We have marked the infamous places and will blow them up soon.

This operation will be regular and will be supported in the interests of law-abiding Lagos people. “

Jejeloye has asked the National Road Transport Workers’ Union (NURTW) and other transport unions to warn their members against one-way traffic and obstructing traffic.

The head of GMT said the team will not spare commercial bus drivers arrested for traffic violations, indicating that the vehicles and their drivers will be taken to court.

“I also use this opportunity to contact both the road unions and the national transport unions. They should warn their drivers who are known to have violated the traffic rules. We do not want to interfere with their legal work, but they should not be on the other side of the law either.

Let them follow the rules of the road, and there will be no problems, ”said Jejeloy.

At the time of filing, the team found commercial motorcycles plying through restricted areas in the metropolis.

Other areas where the app has been applied include Ikea, Maryland, Fadeyi, Jibova, Palm Grove, and Yaba.

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