Lagos state prosecuted 31 police officers for human rights violations

Posted by on Oct 23, 2020, Under: News

Lagos state prosecuted 31 police officers for human rights violations

The names of 31 police officers currently on trial for human rights violations such as manslaughter, attempted murder or serious bodily injury, among others, have been released by the Lagos State Department of Justice.

The listed police officers were charged individually or as part of a group in the Lagos High Court between 2012 and 2020. Some have been indicted and others are awaiting trial.

The list includes Sergeant Inspector Surulere Irede. Sanday Ogunemi and Corporal Hezekia Babatunde, who are brought together before Judge Ogunsani on charges of manslaughter; and Sergeant Shogun Okun and Captain Adekunle Oluvarotimi, who are brought together to face Judge Nicole Clay on charges of manslaughter and attempted murder.

Other individual defendants are Ogunemi Olalekan (murder), Sergeant Gbavuan Isaac (serious bodily injury), Amina Joseph (murder), Sergeant Alechenu Benedict (armed robbery), Sergeant Adebayo Abdullahi (manslaughter of others), and inspector robbery), Matthew Chansey (murder), Adam Dare (murder), sergeant. Mark Argo and five others (conspiracy and armed robbery) and Corporal Pepple Boma (manslaughter).

Also on the list is Insp. Emmanuel Akpodana (attempted murder), Emmanuel Uyankveke (manslaughter), Akanbi Lukmon (manslaughter), Edohe Omokija (murder), Afolabi Saka (murder), Gabriel Monday (murder), Yahya Adesina (murder). guilty) and Aremu Musiliu (murder)).

Lagos Attorney General Mr. Moyosore Onigbanjo (SAN), who published the list, said: “The Lagos State Department of Justice has long been involved in the prosecution of the listed and related police abuse cases. I encourage members of the public to keep an eye on how we work continuously and diligently on these issues for the benefit of the general public. ”