Lagos State University Raises Tuition Fees For New Students By 120%

Lagos State University Raises Tuition Fees For New Students By 120%

New students admitted to Lagos State University will have to pay more tuition fees from LASU.

This came after the university increased tuition fees by more than 120 percent for incoming level 100 students. The school said older students will continue to pay the initial N25,000 until they graduate. from the institute, while new students will pay a new allowance of NO $ 67,048.50 per session.

LASU raised tuition fees by more than 500% during the reign of Babatunde Fashola in 2014, and a series of protests and convictions forced the former governor to return to the status quo. But a circular issued by the institute indicated that the increase in tuition fees would start with new hires.

The circular was entitled: “Qualifying Exercises for Online Enrollment 2020/2021 (100 levels – both regular without full entrepreneurship training, and regular with full entrepreneurship training – and direct entry candidates.”

State University Entry Qualification 2020/2021 – Regular Student Without Full Entrepreneurship Education – For applicants applying through UTME (level 100) and Direct Entry (level 200). ‚ÄúThis online selection is a prerequisite for admission to Lagos State University. The tuition fee for the average student without global entrepreneurship is only $ 67,048.50 per session. “ LASU spokesman Adekoya Ademola said the increase has nothing to do with the satellites as they will continue to pay their 25,000 N until graduation. He said that incoming students are the ones who pay 67,048.50 shekels.

Ademola added that the new fees have been approved by the University’s Governing Council and the Lagos State government has also contributed. The school needed funds to run the university, he said, adding that the increase was marginal as it was not excessive. He said that some parents and even the state government praised the university for failing to dramatically increase tuition fees to an amount they could not afford.

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