Lai Mohammed on EndSARS: We have satisfied the requests, we cannot go beyond what we have done

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Lai Mohammed on EndSARS: We have satisfied the requests, we cannot go beyond what we have done

Information Minister Alhaji Lai Mohammed said Saturday that the ongoing #EndSARS protests by young people across the country are unnecessary as the federal government has complied with and even done more than is required.

He also said that the federal government cannot go further than it did to meet the demands of protesting youth.

Referring to the thugs attack on Osun State Governor Gboyega Oetola, he said that recent events in the country showed that the ongoing #EndSARS protests were completely taken over by “dark forces.”

The minister spoke on the Weekend File (NTA) news program of the Nigeria Television Authority monitored by the Daily Independent.

He said that President Muhammadu Bukhari will not give up his duties, the first of which is to protect life and property.

He said, “If the purpose of this protest is to satisfy your demands, and those demands have been met and made public, and the government has ordered to speak, shout loudly if you are sincere from the start, why don’t you give the government a chance? We cannot go higher than we did. ”

“All the governors of the country, chaired by the vice-president, participate in the NEC meeting. The press release was read and we started implementation. We asked the governors of all states to create a Victim Support Fund; With all state governors, you will not only have a judicial commission of inquiry, but it should also include young people, students and civil society organizations. ”

“We went further by stating that they should create a special committee on security and human rights in each state, which will include students, youth and civil society organizations. And we say that a new special tactical police unit will be overseen by this commission, which includes the CCO and the youth. I don’t think we can bend over. “

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