Leave Nigeria within seven days – NGO threatens Amnesty International staff with death (video)

Amnesty International staff were threatened by a mass demonstration by a non-governmental organization in Nigeria.

An NGO known as the Center for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights issued a seven-day ultimatum to human rights group Amnesty International to leave Nigeria or face massive destruction of their offices in Abuja and Lagos. …

CASLER Summoner Princess Ajibola made a threat at a press conference hosted by the group on Wednesday 4 November.

“To rebuild Nigeria, Amnesty International must be out of the way. Kelser then delivers a seven-day ultimatum to Amnesty International to leave Nigeria.

The NGO’s failure to leave Nigeria will trigger civil disobedience in its offices in Abuja and Lagos on a scale that will make the looting and arson campaign that it has waged easy. Its staff will be treated in the same way as innocent police officers and our children lynched by the mob, ”said Ajibola.

The threat came just days after Amnesty International said 12 people were killed in the shooting of #EndSARS protesters on Tuesday 20 October. While the Lagos State government claims that only two people were killed in the incident, Amnesty International insists that 12 people die.


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