Lekki Massacre: Who Gave the Order? Fredrik Nwabufo

The streets of Nigeria are drenched in the blood of innocent people shot by guilty bullets by government agents. The flag of Nigeria turned scarlet, turning from a sponge absorbing the living fluid of harmless citizens who thought that the killers would respect the symbol of the nation and save their lives.

The bodies of citizens are smashed, scattered across the alleys. Young Nigerians who have dared to protest police brutality with only one flag, fist and voice are victims of the violence they are campaigning against.

Who ordered the killing of at least seven citizens in Lekki and the injury of other protesters whose only crime is to demand an end to police brutality? Who gave the order for the bloody attack on defenseless Nigerians requiring only good governance? Who ordered the removal of cameras and lights at the toll station in Lekki, where the demonstrators had gathered, before the massacre began?

Babajide Sanvo-Olu, the governor of Lagos, where the executions were carried out, denied any guilt. Forces beyond his understanding sent deadly violence to the presidency, he said.

The Governor said, “This is the toughest night of our lives as forces outside our direct control have made dark records in our history, but we will face it and come out stronger.”

But isn’t this an admission of incompetence and evidence of the removal of responsibility? The primary responsibility of a state governor is to protect the lives and property of his citizens. Why didn’t he sound the alarm about imminent death? Why did he give up his status to “forces outside his direct control”?

Well, since Sanwo-Olu’s complicity cannot be ignored, the order for the martyrdom of citizens at the toll station in Lecchi comes from the topmost secret places of the government. Order seedlings from Aso Rock. It comes from whoever is the commander in chief of the armed forces. President Bukhari gave the order! The army and the police must lead alone; no one, not even the governor, disputes these powers with him.

Bukhari gave the order!

Nigerians opposed the president’s decision to send soldiers to the streets across the country during the EndSARS protests, but the president was adamant about using brute force against civil action. Army Operation Crocodile Smile began on Tuesday, and only on its first day there are already civilian casualties across the country.

Bukhari’s hands were unclean with the blood of the innocent. He must kill citizens who use only their inalienable rights. He cannot wash off this resin, even if he uses hyssop. History has marked this day, and Bukhari’s place has already been cemented as the leader of one of the most brutal and incompetent regimes in Nigeria.

The state of Nigeria under Bukhari turned into a colosseum of oppression and repression. The Bukhari regime pales only in comparison with the Abachi junta. In Nigeria, Bukhari’s life became “lonely, poor, bad, cruel and short.” The regime placed violence over order and evil fortune-telling over ethics, principles and common sense.

Bukhari’s regime is one that deliberately creates anarchy in order to suppress dissent. He figuratively created the National Thug Corps (NTC) to carry out grim government duties. NPC is a quasi-security regime. They are always in reserve; ready to deploy in chaos. They flee responsibility, identity, resentment and guilt. This is why they are used when police repression causes a hurricane. We have seen them deployed in Abuja and Lagos.

In Abuja, security officials covered thugs and bandits when they attacked protesters and other citizens. Some of these bandits were transported from neighboring states to the country’s capital. At least five citizens were killed by these state-sponsored parasites in the PKT. This is because the president is nervous about civilian power; he is more concerned with keeping his job than with the lives of Nigerians. Therefore, he uses the agents of death and anarchy to overthrow dissidents and incite chaos in order to consolidate his fascist rule over the state.

Indeed, if there is at least some honor left in the president; he must now resign and face the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute crimes against humanity.

Bukhari must account for the killings of protesters in PKT, Lagos, Kano, Jos, Edo, Ondo and elsewhere in the country.

His hands are unclean.

Source: – Cable

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