# LekkiShooting and Robbery: Why Some Nigerians Live in Denial

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# LekkiShooting and Robbery: Why Some Nigerians Live in Denial

Many Nigerians are (mini) psychopaths, and our perverse nature prevents us from seeing the reality of our society.

We managed to create a society in which some people have to rush to get food – the most basic in the hierarchy of needs. Did we expect them to wait until they get sick and starve to death? If you are going to blame your child for bad behavior, be sure to do research on the parents, who probably modeled the behavior for him. A healthy society is a product of good leadership in all areas, when children feel good on the street, look at the home they come from.

Nigerians seem to forget that the true looters are the political and business elite we adore. The richest of us are the product of the current corrupt system that cannot survive where there is order and a certain level of equal opportunity for all citizens.

Many of us will never call them out for fear of offending someone who yearns for their “blessings.” Others are middle-class people whose reason / excuse is that their livelihoods depend on the beneficiaries of these corrupt megalomaniacs; therefore they cannot see or speak the truth. It may well be that we should appear to be politically, culturally and / or religiously correct, but it is easy to condemn the criminals and the poor who ransacked palliative care warehouses, ignoring the fact that they exist as a result of our deformed socio-political system.

Here on social media I have seen many so-called educated Nigerians defending themselves or standing on the fence for the people killed in #Lekkitollgate by our own army, their excuse is that there are a few photoshopped ones. I’m like … really ???! When have we seen the governor of Lagos state admit, deny and deny, and later admit, that two were killed and many were injured from gunshot wounds?

I saw a doctor on TL denying that the protesters were interrupted and attacked by sponsored thugs. Unfortunately, these people are concerned about the fact that some of these irrational elements, often used by politicians, burned down public buildings and private businesses and looted everything they could. Who knows, it may have been orchestrated by agents of the powers that be to expose the protesters badly until it got out of control and then exploded.

These categories of people do not care that people in military uniform were seen / filmed by several witnesses shooting at peaceful demonstrators, but they fear that some images / videos may have been tampered with. Why should we believe that the videos / images of the looted and burned buildings are authentic, but completely abandon those that were during the filming of Lecky?

Any society in which a reasonable number of people tend to deny the obvious truth is prone to self-destruction. If righteousness uplifts a nation, this deliberate lie will only provoke rebuke if you ignore it.

Written by Fadumo Abiodun Paul

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