LG PM narrowly escapes death, police officer is killed, and gangsters attack LG in Taraba

LG PM narrowly escapes death, police officer is killed, and gangsters attack LG in Taraba

Shiban Tikari, chairman of the local government council of Takum Taraba state, narrowly escaped death early Saturday morning when armed militias opened fire on his vehicle.

DAILY POST reports that the attack, which took place in the municipal village of Dogo Gava, resulted in the grisly killing of a police officer.

The deceased policeman from the 67th Mobile Police Squadron located in the council.

In another related event, the Vukari State Council police allegedly thwarted an attempted kidnapping in the municipal village of Choku, with an intense exchange of gunshots between them and the bandits.

The Takum and Vukari councils, located in the southern geopolitical zone of the state, have recently come under heavy attack.

Confirming the attack, Tikari said that the militia in their numbers had launched an attack on his convoy heading for Takum.

He called for more redeployment of security forces in the area.

The senior police officer in the area, who also confirmed the incident to our correspondent, could not understand why the thugs terrorizing these areas chose to target the police.

The police officer, who identified logistics as one of the problems making it impossible to track down criminals, urged the state government to fulfill its promise and cooperate with the forces, especially in the areas of logistics.

Prime Minister Daniel Adi, alarmed by the thugs in the village of Choku in Vukari, said the attackers who stormed the community at about 3 am were rejected by the police.

According to him, “at about 3 am, when the police were on duty, unknown armed people entered and began to shoot sporadically. “

Showing the exploded bullets, he said: “Only by the grace of God and the experience of the police did the bandits fail to succeed.”

Applauding the police for their courage, he said that government at all levels should urgently come to the council’s aid by hiring more officers in the area.

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