Light breath of spring: aerial photo shoot

Posted by on Nov 3, 2020, Under: Daily Tips
It so happened that a special photo session was lost in the depths of our folders  , conveying the very atmosphere of the last winter days. It seems that this should have happened, because she reappeared at the moment when she was most needed – a couple of days before the first green leaves bloom on the trees in most cities. The wind entangled in the hair, fragility and a unique feeling of freedom of a young bride – when you look at these photos, you can feel the light breath of spring.

Photo shoot idea

Project photographer Tatyana Kovalkova tells : “We dreamed of showing how full of sun and air wedding photography can be, how to break out of templates and create something incredibly gentle. In addition, I wanted to prove to the brides that in a small city it is possible to create beauty that is not inferior to photographs from the network, which they are inspired by when preparing: everywhere there are fantastic corners and professionals who love their work.

Choosing a style, first of all, we started from the place where we planned to shoot (Gomel region, Belarus). Nature is very self-sufficient here, so it was important not to overdo it with decor and floristry. Flying fabrics, transparent designs, a lot of air and light, softness and muted shades. The image had to be light and airy in order to convey the bride’s youthful trepidation. Therefore, the dress created by the designer was flying and weightless. The general concept was emphasized by the details: printing and wedding ring. ”

Shooting day

“As soon as the warm days came, the light that we had been waiting for so long appeared, so the team immediately went to bring the idea to life!

We had to walk for a long time. It’s great that there was not much decor and everything could be carried in hand, because it was not easy to go to the right place. The sight of a huge white mountain, like in the real Alps, took our breath away from delight! And then a space landscape opened up: it seemed that we were on the moon or in the place of a volcanic eruption, especially since under our feet was not solid earth, but a soft surface, like butter cream. We almost got into another world – light and airy. Everybody who was on the court at that moment sank with delight, everything was perfect. ”

Photographer: Tatyana Kovalkova Make-up: Marina Leonenko Hairstyle: Irina Ovsyanikova-Soloreva Decor: Barberry Studio Floristry:  Bouquetoff Salon Dress: Ksenia Kukhareva Printing: Anton Stanislavov Editing: Dmitry Kolotilshchikov Video:  Kirill Kovalkov