Livestock is more expensive than oil and gas – Adam Garba

Livestock is more expensive than oil and gas – Adam Garba

The former president’s impersonator said that livestock was more expensive than oil.

Adamu Garba issued a controversial statement in response to advice given by Nigeria’s Stockbreeders Association, Mietti Allah, the head of Bauchi state, which demanded that its members leave 17 states in southern Nigeria.

Cattle are of greater economic value than all the oil and gas in southern Nigeria, he said.

MACBAN gave advice following a ban on outdoor grazing issued by the region’s governors following a meeting in Asaba, Delta State.

In response, Garba said on Twitter: “I totally agree with this proposal. All Fulani present in southern Nigeria must return. We will use livestock, recycle resources and sell finished products worldwide.

“Cattle are more economically valuable than all the oil and gas reserves we have in Nigeria. Our main stakeholders in the North must recognize cows as a business opportunity, not just a culture, and invest heavily to implement #CowToCurrency. Only cows can solve all the problems of the North.

“Job opportunities, manufacturing centers and connecting to global centers of demand for better beef could open more doors and prepare to free northern Nigeria from cheap and somewhat useless oil resources. We must invest in adding value to livestock.

“Cow bedding on the N350 is much more than the cost of a liter of oil on the N145. With over 20 million cows, you take 1/3 as a human milk producer, on average 5 liters per day, we will get almost 12 billion cows per day from cow’s milk. That’s roughly N700M / state / day. About N21Bn / Status / Month.

“This is much more than the monthly allocation that the largest state in the North receives. Again, each cow can create a minimum of 3 jobs. Breeding, felling, processing, marketing, sales and management. 5 million cows = 15 million jobs. I admire the laziness of the rulers of the North.

“The governors of the North believe that the conclusion of contracts for the construction of roads, the removal of their log cabins is all they need for themselves. This led to the condescension and dehumanization of the North by some elements of the South. It’s time for them to realize our potential.

“It is becoming more and more obvious that the 2023 elections are a game of states engaged in animal husbandry, not animal husbandry. We talk about this frankly. If the leaders of the North do not grasp this pressing reality, the goal will be not only the cow, but also the states in which the cows and their members live. “

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