Magic forest of Nastya and Kirill

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Decoration in the style of “magic forest”, Instagram instead of invitations, cheerful gatherings of the bride with her friends and the atmosphere of love … This is how Nastya and Kirill’s wedding turned out.

our story

Kirill and I met at a working meeting in 2010. The first time I looked at him, I felt warm, and a picture immediately appeared in my head: we were watching a movie in an embrace on a winter evening. And instantly I felt that he was the same man. As it turned out later, the consistently and thoroughly thinking Cyril from the first meeting remembered only my vest with funny buttons. But he confessed his love in a few months!

Cyril is a real defender, responsible and courageous, and I am dreamy and easy-going. We are very different, so we complement each other well.

Wedding idea

From the very beginning of the preparation, All Weddings Agency helped us , so the organizer Anja Lankovich will better tell about the choice of the concept:

“After the first meeting, it became clear that the guys are fans of everything unusual, they love nature and travel, they are meaningful and love to catch magic combinations in the moment. At the meetings, Nastya had an eye on the classic design, modern trends, and natural combinations, so together with the decorator we drew more than 30 decor models.

One of them was the concept of a magic forest, which the guys liked the most. A forest thicket was supposed to grow behind the backs of the newlyweds, it was planned to decorate the ceiling with greenery, and coal with fireflies would appear on transparent tables. The decoration was nicely complemented by the table setting we selected, finally placing the color accents on the gold and black colors. ”

Wedding preparations

The preparation took 3.5 months, it was enough to have time to think it over, but not delay. The All Weddings Agency team was constantly in touch, so decisions went straight to work.

The first and only site we saw was Jean-Remy’s restaurant. It suited our requirements and liked it so much that we decided not to look for anything else: a beautiful area with a French-style castle, a hall where you can do whatever you want… we found a dream!

The preparation was vigorous and exciting: for example, we did not want printed invitations or a wedding website, so All Weddings Agency created a separate page on Instagram, where they gathered all guests and informed them about the upcoming wedding in an interactive form.

The most important day

The wedding day flew by like an instant! He was unforgettable and incredibly happy. The morning preparations turned out to be fun – my friends came to my hotel, we opened sparkling wine, sang, recalled funny stories. And the footage from these fees came out so cute)

As planned, Kirill and I were supposed to meet before the ceremony. But we did not have time to do this, as the guests arrived a little earlier. And by a common decision, we changed our plans, so we met for the first time only at the ceremony itself. It was very touching and romantic.

When the guests entered the restaurant hall, it seemed that we were in a real magic forest. The light was dim, fog was spreading across the floor, and the room was filled with the sounds of crickets – it came out atmospheric and a little mysterious.

If we had prepared without an organizer, it would hardly have been so fast and fabulous, so I advise all couples to contact the agency for help, enjoy the preparation and the wedding day!

Organization: All Weddings Agency Venue: Jean-Remy Design: Good Wings Host: Andrey Predelin Photo: Arseny Prusakov Video: Artem Korchagin Polygraphy: Aida Makovskaya Table setting: GoRent Bride image: Bazhenov’s wife Cover band: TOFU