Man indicted for setting fire to his mother’s house for food

A city court sued a young man from the Dagoreti area of ​​Nairobi, Kenya, for setting fire to his mother’s house worth Ksh 1.3 million (4.7 million ksh) for food. .

The suspect identified as Joseph Njuguna reportedly arrived home tipsy and reportedly expected the food to be ready, but was so disappointed when he found out his mother was still cooking.

Njuguna reportedly complained about the late cooking and “swore to do something” after his mother was ordered to wait for dinner in his room. He returned and engaged in an argument with his mother before briefly leaving.

The mother, while still at home, noticed that there was smoke everywhere and later saw that the house was on fire.

He tried to run to safety but the door had been locked from the outside, with the accused suspected of having locked it inside the house. The devastated mother screamed for help and was rescued by the neighbors who responded.

The violent fire devastated the whole house without leaving anything to chance. The court heard that the defendant hid at a friend’s house which prompted the public to launch a manhunt for him.

He was found in his hiding place while drinking alcohol and was beaten by a crowd until his mother stepped in and rescued him. It is learned that she took him to the hospital for treatment.

The police were alerted and the defendant was arrested and taken for questioning. “Joseph Njuguna illegally and intentionally set fire to his mother’s house on November 6 in the Dagoreti area of ​​Nairobi,” reads part of the accusation sheet.

When arraigned before senior chief magistrate Esther Bhoke, the defendant pleaded not guilty and was slapped with a bail of Ksh, 500,000 pending mention on November 22.

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