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WATCH VIDEO BELOW! MUST WATCH: Medical Doctors Discover Massive Bio-Structures Found in Bodies of the Vaccinated!

The evidence of vaccine death and injury is overwhelming to anyone capable of seeing the main stream media hypnotic lies. The numbers tell us that the vaccine has caused a 20% increase in deaths and 10% increase in disabilities.

And now we are beginning to understand that this is just the beginning and things are going to get much much worse.Many of us have already seen the mysterious objects found in the vials of covid vaccine by two (2) seperate individual groups using electron microscopy.

We have also seen rising numbers of strokes, heart attacks,and other side effects experienced worldwide. This is the biggest experimental vaccination in history.

The video below reveals Mortician finding anomalous structures inside the vascular system of deceased vaccinated people…

See video below.


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  1. My GOD is so estupid vac for under 5 year old childrens helty childrens is unocseptable there shult not be vacs for novady ok

  2. I’ve had two shots so far. They both were the modern a shots. And I’ve recently had to have a stent put in for my right coronary artery. Was told I have noticeable different heart rhythms. Like not normal. I was wondering if this could have all been caused by these two shots I took ? How conveiniant. That you can not sue the companies. What in hell have they done to us. ?? This is aweful. But my God is bigger than anything they have tried to do to me. I truly believe he will take care of what ever they messed up . I sure won’t be taking anymore.

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