Meet Esther Bamiloye, a 55-year-old virgin bride in Osun state (Photos)

A 55-year-old spinster, Esther Bamiloye, who recently married a 62-year-old bachelor, Isaac Bakare, in Osun state, tells BOLA BAMIGBOLA that she is grateful that God has finally answered her prayer to get married.

What is your name and your age?

I am Ms Evangelist Esther Bamiloye, now Ms Bakare. I am the 55 year old woman who recently got married for the first time in her life. My husband is Isaac Bakare, a 62 year old craftsman. Before we got married, he never got married either.

I have a grade 2 certificate, but I don’t like teaching. I deal with clothing production. I produce garments such as vests, sportswear, washable nappies and more.

Is there a story behind your long wait before getting married?

The devil was going to stop me from getting married. When I felt ready, there was no man coming to get me. I kept waiting for God for a miracle until I was 55. I never dated anyone until I got married. Initially, I thought the problem was with my former church and I left, but I give glory to God. He did it for me in my new church and all the barriers have been removed.

Have you been subjected to any kind of pressure from family, friends and others during your long wait for the right partner?

Things like that can’t be ruled out, especially when you see your mates or those younger than you doing well, getting married and you still have to do yours, there is sure to be pressure from people around.

How bad was it?

It was hard. It was one of the reasons I left my former church and joined another church because the pressure was too much at one point.

What exactly did you do to survive the pressure?

I was able to withstand all the pressures thanks to my deeply rooted faith, faith and focus on Christ Jesus. In particular, God has given me that grace, dedication and help from certain circles that have also supported me throughout. the weather.

What has been the strangest piece of advice you have received during this time?

I can’t count them, but none of the advice really scared me, except seeing those younger than me get married in time, while I waited, almost fading.

Do you have stories of relationships that didn’t work out?

No, I never had any dates before getting married. I lived a decent life during my school days. I had no relationship before. I accepted Christ very early and when I was still a student, I didn’t even think about it, because I knew I wasn’t ready then.

When you started this particular relationship that culminated in a marriage, were you afraid it might not work out?

Not at all. My relationship was planned by God. The way God did it cannot be explained. It has come true just as God said it.

How did you meet your husband and what attracted you to him?

God had revealed his image and personality to me and had been talking to me about him through some people for over three years. Exactly on the day that three years passed when I first received revelation, God sent the message again through a prophet. The description of his appearance, where he would come from and others matched perfectly when I set my sights on him at Ilesa. My church is in Osogbo, but we had an event in Ilesa where I met the man destined for me. God even revealed the date of our wedding, which was October 29, 2021. The period between our meeting and the wedding was a very short one. I give all the glory to God for remembering me after all these years.

What are the plans you have for your marriage, such as the number of children you want to have?

God does everything and one of the blessings of marriage is having children. Expect pregnancy and be steadfast in the things of God, and live a happy and fulfilled life. I don’t really have a specific number of children in mind. (We want) as many as God can give us and we can take care of.

Aren’t you afraid of pregnancy given your age?

I can’t be afraid of these things. In fact, I’m looking forward to having children. God who took me this far will do it and make all things easy. He is God.

Which would you describe as your most painful experience during your waiting moments?

There were many. Imagine that someone of that age does not have a husband and not that I deliberately wish not to have one. There were many days of weeping, asking God for mercy. But today I am happy because, however great the affliction was, I was still able to achieve many things in other areas of my life.

Have you ever lost hope?

Not really. But at some point I was overwhelmed. It was simply God’s grace that kept me going. I didn’t know any men until I got married to my husband. I got married a virgin.

After the long waiting period, now that you are married do you feel fulfilled?

Yes, I feel really happy and fulfilled. Words can’t really explain how I feel.

What about your parents? How did they feel about your case and how do they feel now?

As parents, they had no choice but to resort to prayers too, and now that God has answered their prayers, they are happy and grateful. They never put up the pressure. They were praying for me.

What is your advice for those who are currently going through what you went through before getting married?

I advise them to be steadfast in Christ. Even if it is not always easy, but with prayers, firmness, faith and never getting tired, it will all end with beautiful testimonies. I am a living testimony and I can confidently say that God answers prayers, even though it can take a long time.

Source: – Punch Ng

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