Meet SARS protesters’ request or attack: Niger Delta militants threaten FG

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Meet SARS protesters’ request or attack: Niger Delta militants threaten FG

Fulfill SARS Protesters’ Request Or We Attack: Militants in the Niger Delta Threaten FG

A coalition of nine renegade militant groups in the Niger Delta have pledged support for EndSARS protests across the country and said they are ready to resume hostilities and attack oil and gas facilities if the federal government fails. asks young Nigerians to protest.

Militant groups under the auspices of the reformed Niger Delta Avengers, the RNDA, which held an emergency meeting in Delta State, also pledged their willingness to withdraw from the ceasefire agreement with the federal government and join the fight. military.

RNDA leader self-styled ‘Major General’ Jonmark Ezoneby, also known as Obama, said in a statement: “We will deploy the troops assigned to the proposed Operation Crocodile Smile and will resume attacks on some of the identified oil facilities in the region if welfare issues will get worse. , armed oppression and inequality in the standard of living among citizens and political elites are not considered.

The RNDA leadership has ordered its strike team commanders in all nine militant groups to stand aside and maintain visibility at locations identified by location research and attack techniques, VSLSM.

“We could resume the severe destruction of the main crude oil pipelines and their platforms, including the main gas distribution pipelines from Escravos-Varri-Kaduna.

“Key target pipelines are also under attack, including the Chevron Valve platform located in Abitaya, Warri-South Local Government, Delta State, and is one of Chevron’s most significant platforms serving as a link. where are all other platforms in the Niger Delta in the Chevron area; and the 48-inch Shell Underwater Forcardos export pipeline connecting from Clough Creek via the Ramos Creek River delivery line to the Forcardos terminal, the main pipeline will be removed. for the delivery of crude oil and is one of the highest in Nigeria, and is also the main link of the Escravos trans Lagos Warri to Lagos pipeline.

“The main pipeline, which provides a stable supply of electricity to both Lagos and Abuja, will be closed, and several other NNPC-owned gas and oil pipelines located near the mainland of Warri will also be blown up.

“Chevron’s major feedback trunk pipelines, located at the Escravos tank farm in Siera Creek, will not be overlooked in this well-coordinated attack, the largest of Chevron’s crude oil wells, all of which are RMP23 and RMP24, located near Dibi in Delta State, which is a significant contributor to the country’s daily production chain, will be blown up and nullified, and the Bunny Nembe Creek trunk pipeline will be located in the Bonnie Export Terminal Line. ”

Ezoneby added: “In addition, the RNDA is urgently calling for a $ 98 billion 98 billion gas flaring sanction fund to accommodate the oil communities under the leadership of HOSTCOM National President Prince Dr. Mike Emu.”

“We are also calling for the urgent release and implementation of 10,000 working communities with a security contract to monitor the pipeline,” he added.

Ezonebi explained: “The decision of the militant groups to support the protesting young people was based on open inequalities in the distribution of wealth and development in the country.”

“Each region and its citizenship, first of all, received 10% of every income received in the country from oil and other sources, only to satisfy the welfare of the citizens of this country, before the income was divided among the three. levels of government by the central government.

“While the oil producing communities will receive five percent of the oil revenues and will be paid directly to the host communities, not the governors of the Niger Delta states,” he said.

Militant groups also said: “We want to record that President Muhammadu Bukhari is not entirely to blame for what is happening, but we blame some ministers dealing with delicate areas of the economy and members of the National Assembly.”

“While citizens are making sacrifices to accommodate the government’s tough economic policies, aides to President Bukhari and members of the National Assembly are well off.

“RNDA members also made sacrifices by agreeing to a ceasefire in 2016 to allow the federal government of the PCA, led by President Bukhari, to consolidate its renewed political efforts to fight corruption and economic growth.” Development of job creation policy and massive infrastructure transformation in the Niger Delta region and the country as a whole.

“But members of the National Assembly and the political class are pushing people against the wall, and we are ready to fight back,” added Ezonebi.