Melodrama in which the secretary talks about the meeting with the police in Benue

Melodrama in which the secretary talks about the meeting with the police in Benue

According to the Daily Trust, a melodrama ensued during a Benue State Judiciary meeting one weekend on the human rights abuses committed by the recently disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The tragedy occurred when Commission Secretary Barr Edward Young took the position of a victim to tell about the lawsuit in the hands of the police.

Yange, one of the chief advisers to the commission and deputy director of law drafting at the Benue State Department of Justice, stepped down during the meeting to describe how he was tortured more than 13 years ago.

He told the jury that on October 5, 2007, police from the police station of the “D” Division in Makurdi approached a commercial motorcyclist who was taking him as a passenger to the parking lot, from where he intended to get into the car to his destination. …

He explained that, upon reaching the gate of the modern Makurdi market, the motorcyclist drove out against the traffic and was arrested by the police, who instead hit him (Yange) with a whip, commonly known as koboko, arrested him and took him to the station, but allowed the rider who had committed the crime to escape.

Yange added that even though he showed up and showed his ID to the police, they became more aggressive as they beat him more, resulting in more neck injuries, which he showed to the then DPO and then reported. question to the then police commissar who did nothing.

He also explained that the inability of the police to deal with the matter forced him to seek help from the court, and he received a verdict in his favor with a sentence of 500,000 AD, which the police have not yet bought. , hence his decision to refer the case to the commission.

But the police lawyer, S.P.F.N.Agwu, immediately opposed the filing of the case because, according to him, it was illegal and it would be unfair if the commission argued over the case with the participation of a member of the commission.

However, lawyer Yange Oh.M. Eche argued that, in accordance with the commission’s guidelines, the victim is only the secretary of the commission, not a member, and therefore called on the commission to dismiss the lawyer’s objection to the police.

Meanwhile, the objection was dismissed by a jury led by former chief justice of the state, Judge Ada Onum.

The question was updated on January 26, 2021 for further reference.

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