Mietti Allah asks the Fulani shepherds to leave the southern states

Mietti Allah asks the Fulani shepherds to leave the southern states

Mietti Allah (MACBAN), head of the Bauchi State Breeders Association of Nigeria, has called on its members to leave 17 southern states, where governors have decided to ban outdoor livestock grazing.

MACBAN President Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmed said: “This is a simple calculation. We go to the department. The rulers are no longer interested in people. If someone is forbidden to graze in the open air, there will be nothing left. The Fulani people must get out of there. Everything is very simple.

“Do we need to carry cattle there? I’ve said this before. We have the opportunity to raise livestock here (North). We are lovers of the world. Let them come and buy from us. This is the fault of some.

“The crime started in the south. Armed robbery, kidnapping. it all started in the south. We saw them on TV. What if they’re in transit north and you know we have a government that doesn’t defend the country’s constitution. Everyone takes the laws into their own hands.

“Southern governors can do it. No problem, let them do what they want. If the rulers of the North want, they can do it too (prohibit cattle grazing) … “

Sadik accused the southern governors of opposing criminal gangs in the south and leaving the Fulani shepherds alone.

He said, “The President is here as a figurehead. He doesn’t know what he is doing. He doesn’t control anyone. In our country, now everyone is doing what they want. The country is already leaving. Where is the central authority, if some governors can meet and make decisions contrary to the Constitution …? “

Sadik said the solution to Nigeria’s security problem is for the president to step aside or for Nigerians to come together and elect a credible president in 2023, a leader with care and experience. Nigeria must have a leader with a good example, willing to sacrifice his life for his people. “

Source: – Guardian Ng

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