Militants freed a Greenfield student kidnapped due to death threats

Militants freed a Greenfield student kidnapped due to death threats

Militants who detained kidnapped students from Greenfield University in Kaduna state released one person.

The release was confirmed by the student’s mother, Lauritta Attahira, on Channel Television on Tuesday.

According to her, the bandits released her son.

However, he declined to provide details of how his son was released and whether the ransom was paid.

Some parents told Channel Television that the student was released on Saturday after his mother, who is the wife of a retired Plateau State Army officer, negotiated and paid a ransom to the bandits privately before releasing his son on Saturday.

The parents previously reported that the thugs negotiated with them individually, asking each of them to pay up to 20 million Dutch pounds, before they ultimately demanded most of the N100 million and ten motorcycles on Monday 3 May.

However, the parents asked the government and Nigerians to come to their aid so that their children could be rescued alive at the hands of their kidnappers.

After the student’s release, the fate of the remaining 16 students still hangs in the balance, even though militants threatened to kill them unless their parents and government paid the $ 100 million ransom and ten new motorcycles.

Threat to kill

The release of one of the students follows an earlier threat from kidnappers to kill the remaining 17 students in their care if their parents and the state government do not pay the $ 100 million ransom by Tuesday, May 4.

Some parents of the kidnapped students reported this on Monday.

Parents of the victims, who did not want their names to be mentioned out of fear, told Channel Television that the new demand for 100 million N from mobsters adds to the over 50 million N ransom paid to them over the weekend, with confidence in the release of their children.

The parents said that in addition to the £ 100 million, the militants also requested ten new motorcycles by the end of Tuesday, May 4, leaving them with no choice but to kill the remaining 17 students under their care.

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