Militants kidnap federal university employees on the Kano-Maiduguri highway

Shehu Abdulhamid, an employee of the Federal University of Duce (FUD) in Jigawa State, was abducted in Kano State.

A spokesman for Abdullahi Bello University, who confirmed the incident on Friday, October 23, said Abdulhamid was abducted Thursday on the Kano-Maiduguri highway in the Gaya local government area in Kano.

Abdulhamid, a clinical assistant at a university clinic, was driving from Kano to Jigawa with a friend in his car when he was abducted and taken to Gaya Bush.

“The kidnappers asked the fellow traveler to go with the car and inform his family about the incident,” Bello said.

“They started negotiations. The kidnappers demand A.E. 20 million, however Saturday morning they demand A.E. 1.5 million.

A university spokesman also said it reported the incident to the Jigawa police.

However, a spokesman for the police in Jigawa, Odu Jinjiri, said the incident did not occur in Jigawa, so they informed the nearby Kano command.

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