Military operation in Oyigbo, river conditions leading to humanitarian crisis

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Military operation in Oyigbo, river conditions leading to humanitarian crisis

Reports of ongoing military operations in the Oyigbo Local Government Area in Oyigbo in Rivers State indicate a serious humanitarian crisis due to lack of access to food, medical care and other basic services for residents, which were closed for a 24-hour curfew announced in this area since last Wednesday.

According to sources from Oyigbo communities, women, pregnant women, children and the elderly are the most affected.

Residents’ concerns, caught off guard by the sudden imposition of curfews, were compounded by the closure of major markets, pharmacies and hospitals.

While all banks in the area are closed, most POS operators in the area are also out of cash. The very few POS operators that still operate do so secretly and charge up to 20% or more in commission.

However, sources also claimed that the military had made “gruesome discoveries in some caches with gruesome names like Waji below, com-com, Camp Mbano, and Obeama.”

“Some of the looted items were found there. Numerous arrests have been made. But intimidation and harassment of innocent residents cannot be ruled out when there is a military commitment.

“Yesterday’s inspection of Air Force jets in Oyigbo made them nervous. I think that tomorrow (Saturday) they will be more scared because I have learned from military sources that there will be a military demonstration in Oyigbo, ”the source said.

However, sources who spoke to Oyigbo’s PM NEWS lamented the growing hunger in the area as many residents ran out of food.

Therefore, they argued that humanitarian organizations such as Rotary, Red Cross and National Emergency Management Agencies, NEMA and others, should be licensed in Oyigbo to help people.

They also petitioned Governor Niesom Vike to ease the 24-hour curfew and allow residents to open markets and shops so residents have access to food and health care.

The ongoing army was launched following the events of Wednesday, October 21, when criminals suspected of belonging to the root criminal of the People of Biafra, IPOB, invaded Oyigbo and proceeded to kill and kill security personnel and their outposts. …

In an orgy of violence, IPOB members allegedly killed six soldiers and set four police officers on fire.

They also allegedly burned more than 50 private and public vehicles, including an armored personnel carrier, as well as the state High Court building.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army’s 6th Division public relations officer, Major Charles Ekeocha, insisted that the operation was not intended to inconvenience the residents of Oyigbo.

“We’re here to carry out an operation to recover weapons taken from our slain soldiers so that criminals don’t use them to kill innocent civilians in Rivers and out of state. “We conduct our research professionally,” Ekeocha said.

Source: – Pm News