Missing boy found strangled to death in Ebonyi state (disturbing photos)

A 5-year-old boy was found dead a few days after he was reported missing.

It is learned that the incident took place in Amaokwu Amangballa, in the Afikpo Northern Local Government area of ​​Ebonyi state.

The deceased was strangled to death by unknown assailants and dumped at the roadside, Salem reporters learned.

A Facebook user, Prince Paul Okah, who is an eyewitness, wrote on Facebook;

EVIL ENTERS EHUGBO… This is the body of an innocent boy of about 5 years old, who disappeared a few days ago in Amaokwu Amangballa, Afikpo North LGA of Ebonyi State.

A search was started for him, with the deployment of auctioneers, young people and an alleged complaint at the police station.

However, the residents of Amaokwu Amangballa woke up today to see the innocent boy’s corpse in Amaokwu Amangballa himself; allegedly strangled by the unknown killer and dumped to be seen by passers-by.

Who could do this to an innocent child? This is barbaric, heinous and condemnable! How did this evil come to mankind that even innocent children could be strangled and dumped to be seen by bereaved parents? OH, WHAT A WICKED.

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