Modupe Odele goes into exile after “second meeting with immigration officials”

Modupe Odele goes into exile after “second meeting with immigration officials”

Ms. Odele was leaving Nigeria on New Year’s Eve when an alleged accident occurred at the airport. It came just weeks after she was banned from leaving the country for her role in the historic #EndSARS campaign to end police brutality in Nigeria.

It is unclear why Ms. Odele was the only one held in her group. Several members of feminist groups supporting #EndSARS have been successful. Dozens of them have been spotted in Dubai and the UK after protests ended with a massacre of Nigerian army protesters on October 20.

An immigration spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Gazette on Ms Odele’s allegations, which Gazette has not yet independently verified.

Nigerian government and security officials routinely harassed human rights defenders, journalists and ordinary citizens who took part in a protest that closed Nigeria for two weeks.

On November 3, Narodny Vestnik exclusively announced that the Bukhari administration had drawn up a no-fly list of protesters. Although Gazette did not immediately find Ms. Audel’s name on the list of persons targeted by the government, on 1 November she was still barred from leaving.

Ms Odele, who was among the lawyers who provided legal representation for #EndSARS protesters during the demonstrations, said she did not regret being involved.

“I don’t regret anything because we did a good job,” he said. “But the stress associated with it makes me sometimes think it was worth it. Noisy phones, chasing security guards, freezing bank accounts. For what

Human rights abuses have intensified since Muhammadu Bukhari, the brutal military ruler of the 1980s, returned to power in 2015 as a civilian president. Journalists, activists, and daily commentators have been harassed, arrested or killed by repressive government agents.

The government, however, denied accusations of reprisals, stating instead that Nigerians have the maximum freedom they need to engage in civic activities.

Source: – Peoples Official Journal.

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