More than 1,500 people sign a petition demanding the dismissal of FCMB, Nuru’s married doctor

More than 1,500 people sign a petition demanding the dismissal of FCMB, Nuru’s married doctor

The Nigerians have demanded the immediate dismissal of Adam Nuru, CEO of FCMB.

This came after more than 1,500 people signed a petition demanding to force the Central Bank of Nigeria and the FCMB board to fire Nuru, accusing him of adultery. Adam Nuru reportedly had two children with a married woman who worked with him at FCMB.

The woman, Moyo Thomas, née Ojo, confessed to her extramarital affairs with her husband Tunde Thomas after fleeing to the United States, where she is now seeking refuge. The broken husband, who had always believed that the two children in his marriage belonged to him, died of depression and heart attack on December 16, just days before introducing his family to another woman. The newly formed Justice for Tunde Tomas group is spearheading the campaign to fire Nuru.

He also gave FCMB two weeks to fire Nura on ethical grounds for getting bogged down in marriage and parentage scandals. Here’s the petition posted on

Tunde Tomas passed away recently, after about a week or two, from depression. Apparently, the children from his marriage to Moyo Thomas belong to his wife’s boss (Adam Noor, the current CEO of FCMB). Moyo Thomas left Tunde to go with the children to America, telling him that the children were not hers when she came to America. He later suffered a stroke but recovered. By the looks of it, Tunde met someone else who was about to marry again, but apparently hasn’t recovered from his early marriage problems. Tunde has just been appointed director of the MFB where he works. He returned from work last week and suffered cardiac arrest 2 days before meeting his new pregnant girlfriend. This is a case of serious ethical misconduct and unjustified economic oppression by the elite (Adam Nuru) against the less privileged in society. The doctor did his best to hush up the case. We ask the Central Bank of Nigeria, as the supreme regulatory body and the FCMB board, to investigate the integrity of the Nigerian bank and banking sector. This is too much for one occasion, although I agree that this is not the whole story, the minimum will be an investigation of this unethical behavior by the current CEO of FCMB Bank, Adam Nooru.

Tunde with children that he thought belonged to him but were actually created by Nuru.

Human rights lawyer Akure Bolanle Cole is also campaigning to get CBN and FCMB to fire Nura. On Friday, on his Twitter thread, Cole called Noor and criticized FCMB for letting this happen. Cole gave the bank two weeks, starting December 30, to either fire Nura or witness a customer boycott campaign. “We are using this medium to invite FCMB to immediately separate and separate its trace from this evil person, Adam Nuru,” – wrote Cole.

“If this warning is ignored and Adam Nooru is at his desk in another two weeks from December 30, 2020, we will have no choice but to fiercely draw public attention to the organization’s blatant lack of ethics and advise members. the public to withdraw their funds and banking activities from FCMB. “

Now read the full thread: Tunde Thomas (also known as Tunde Gentle), 45, died about two weeks ago of grief. The two children from his marriage came from a man without remorse or conscience, the current CEO of FCMB, Adam Nuru, who was the boss of his wife (MD) at FCMB.

Tunde’s wife, Moyo Tomas (née Ojo), a useless and unreasonable adulteress, began an office romance with her doctor, a relationship that was well known throughout the organization as the lack of shame and decor in both lovebirds captivated them. and dispel caution. FCMB, an organization with no proper rules or governance, looked the other way, as an open and unprofessional relationship continued between the doctor and the subordinate staff of the same organization, a married woman. Nuru, who was supposed to be the CEO and chief image maker of FCMB, ignored the woman’s husband, who was raising her (Nuru’s) two children, thinking they were his. Nor did he think about the organization he headed when he was involved in this misconduct, a scandal that no ethical organization would want to get involved with.

Tunde was so in love and affection for his wife and children that he spent most of his resources on them. He took them on vacation to London and Dubai. He also spared no expense to send it to the best schools.

In the midst of the infamous relationship, and when the oldest child was about eight (8) years old, the woman abruptly quit FCMB and went to the United States with her two children, apparently on vacation. When the school session began in Nigeria and the children were not returned, Tunde started asking questions and the woman finally got the shameless courage to tell him the children were not his, so she went as far as asking for asylum. in the United States due to spousal violence in Nigeria against a man known to all for his kind and docile nature. His goal was to obtain a green card, as well as to prevent Tunde from entering the United States so that he did not have to face him, look him in the eye and tell him in the face of the harm he caused him. A few months after receiving this news, Tunde suffered a stroke at the age of 42. He recovered from the stroke, but became a shadow of himself. He often cried from blues.

He recently tried to piece together scraps of his life and struck up a new relationship with a lady lawyer. Tunde invited friends to accompany him on December 26 to visit the woman’s parents. They planned to take materials with them for the visit, but unfortunately this did not happen. Tunde came home from work on the night of December 15, but fell down the stairs and died immediately. The autopsy report named heart failure as the cause of death. Evil souls, Adam Nuru and Moyo Ojo (later Moyo Thomas), they did the worst – the death of an innocent man, and their hands are covered with his blood. God will require this of them. Meanwhile, the family and friends of Tunde Thomas (also known as Tunde Gentle) want to bring this shameful behavior to the attention of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), FCMB board and management, and members of the public.

We are using this medium to suggest that FCMB immediately detach and separate its label from this evil person, Adam Nuru. If this warning is ignored and Adam Nooru is at his desk in another two weeks from December 30, 2020, there will be no choice but to furiously draw public attention to the organization’s blatant lack of ethics and advise members of the public. Withdraw your funds and banking assets from FCMB. One word is enough for wise people. N: B Tunde Gentle was buried on December 30, 2020.

In those days, he worked for Oceanic Bank. He was one of the kindest and friendliest people that many could testify. He died as an executive director of the asset management company GDL Asset Management Company Ltd., which was survived by an elderly mother and brothers.

May his truly tender soul rest in perfect peace.

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