more than 200 students rescued – police in Katzina said

more than 200 students rescued – police in Katzina said

Militants rescued more than 200 students from Kankara State Science High School on Saturday, according to the Katsina State Police Command.

The students were reportedly rescued by gunmen who attacked the school on Friday evening.

The command, however, did not specify how many students were kidnapped by the bandits.

In the statement of the official representative of the command S.P. Gumbo Isa states that the police inspector was injured while trying to rescue the students.

The declaration reads in part: “OPO saved more than two hundred students of the school complex. The police, the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Air Force are working closely with school authorities to establish the actual number of missing and / or kidnapped students, while search teams work hard to find and / or rescue missing students.

“It is still too early to talk about the actual number of abducted or missing students. “

The incident took place Friday night, just hours after President Major General Muhammadu Bukhari (retired) arrived in his home state of Katsina for a week-long private visit.

The parents of the charges rushed to school to learn about the fate of their children, and security personnel were spotted in strategic positions in the Kankar region of the state.

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