Muslims of Ibadan ignore the Sultan’s order and observe the Eid el-Fitri prayer on Wednesday

Muslims of Ibadan ignore the Sultan’s order and observe the Eid el-Fitri prayer on Wednesday

Oyo State Deputy Governor Rauf Olanian, Olubadan of Ibadan State, Oba Saliu Adetunji and Chief Imam of Ibadan State Sheikh Abdulganiy Abubakr Agbotomokere were among the prominent personalities observing Eld-namaz. city ​​on wednesday.

Our correspondent found out that the Eid al-Adha prayer, which took place at the place of the Ibadan Eid al-Adha prayer, was observed, despite the instruction of the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Saad Abubakr.

Our reporter reminds us that the Sultan, who also acts as Amir Musulumi in Nigeria and the general president, Nigeria’s Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), previously ordered the Eid al-Fitri prayer to be held on Thursday, the day of the month of the new month. Tuesday was not noticed.

DAILY POST found that the two obligatory Rakat Eid el-Fitri prayers are usually observed by Muslims as a sign of the end of the Ramadan fast.

Our correspondent learned that, despite the instruction, Olanian, Adetunji, Agbotomokeke and other Muslims of Ibadan observed the Eld-Fitri prayer at the prayer site of Central Ibadan in the Agodi region.

Other individuals attending the prayer in Eid included the former Governor of the State, Chief Taofik Arapaya, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Governor, Seyi Makinda, Mr. Olavale Abdul-Mojid Mogbonjubola, and Senior Special Assistant to Governor Seyi Makinde for Sustainable Development Goals, Mr. Kunle Yusuf …

On Tuesday morning, Agbotomokere announced on his Facebook page that Ramadan ended on Tuesday and that he would conduct the Eid Prayer on Wednesday morning.

DAILY COMMUNICATION from a source close to the main imam received information that he and some other Muslims began fasting the day before the day announced by the sultan.

He added that according to the Chief Imam’s count, Ramadan will be thirty (30) Tuesdays.

He said the need to end the fast on Tuesday and observe Eld Fitri on Wednesday became necessary because they completed their 30-day fast on Tuesday.

“You see. I think there is a communication gap. I spoke to the imam and the explanation is that they started their fast on Monday, but most started on Tuesday.

“So, according to their calculations, Ramadan will be Tuesday 30th. And they had to stop when they were 30 years old. That’s why they have to keep praying. “

A spokesman for Chief Imam Ustad Idris Agbotomokere said the Chief Imam of Imam Ibadanland’s decision to observe Eid is a result of his position as leader of the League of Imams and Alphas of Ibadanland.

“It is not necessary that we all see it, but once someone sees it and tells us, it will be enough for us. The moon was seen in Kaduna yesterday at about 20:00, and we know that having seen the moon, we have the right to interrupt the fast. “

Source: – Daily Post

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