Must See!!: It’s one thing ‘to hate Trump’, another to ‘ignore the consequences of a Biden Presidency’ Read More


Alan Jones says it is one thing to hate Donald Trump but it is another thing to “ignore the consequences of a Biden Presidency” when the man’s son has transparently active links with the enemy of America and the free world.

“I wonder when we will ever be told the truth about Joe Biden and his son? Remember during the Presidential election campaign, emails were found on Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive,” he said.

“They reportedly detail close contact between Hunter Biden, who is the son of the President, and Chinese associates.

“Reports say that these emails point to significant security breaches implicating top American officials.

“The son of the Vice President, hardly a raging financial success, founds a company with the support of Chinese companies, all of which are backed by the Chinese State.

“Is none of this worthy of public debate as China transparently pursues its expansionist ambitions?

“Has the son of the President been a party to a complex corporate strategy with the potential to purchase assets inside the United States?

“Why shouldn’t the emails found on the laptop hard drive be available in the public space?”

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