Mute on board as a flight attendant in training (video, photo)

Mute on board as a flight attendant in training (video, photo)

When you think about air travel, especially in Nigeria, there are always many unanswered questions.

From delays to canceled flights, the average traveler may recall this experience of different airlines in Nigeria.
Since its inception in 2014, West Africa’s largest airline, Air Peace, has received its fair share of condemnation and praise for some of the issues surrounding the aviation industry. However, in less than 10 years it has become the airline of choice for thousands of travelers locally and internationally, but this responsibility has had to face many checks.
This Easter, West Africa’s largest airline with the prestigious Boeing 777 launched a business called Random Acts of Love, in which passengers are surprised by random mid-flight gifts such as toy bags, gadgets, fashion accessories and a one-year HMO plan offered by Air Peace …

During the Accidental Acts of Love Easter campaign, President and CEO Barr. Allen Oniema joined the maiden flight from Lagos to Abuja on Monday 5 April as a “flight attendant apprentice,” and then revealed the hidden truth about recent flight delays repeated to everyone on board.

“Air Peace is a leader in aircraft maintenance and customer safety. To maintain this record, 17 aircraft were sent overseas for mandatory regular C-Checks. C-Checks are thorough checks of individual systems and components for maintenance and operation. This is a high level control that includes a wide range of instruments, test equipment and special skill levels. Without the regular checks of C-Checks, the plane is waiting in the wings.

These Air Peace aircraft have successfully passed C-Checks and are now in first-class safe flight conditions. However, due to the Covid-19 blockade in several Western countries, these planes were unable to return to Nigeria. ”

The CEO also reassured passengers of the airline’s commitment to an unforgettable customer experience, and expressed gratitude to all customers for drowning and sailing with the airline since its inception.

Speaking of an unforgettable experience, the Air Peace draw is still in full swing, and lucky casual passengers continue to win surprise packages as they fly around the country.

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