My driver and my secretary are Christians, I am not a terrorist, ”intervenes Minister of Communications Pantami.

My driver and my secretary are Christians, I am not a terrorist, ”intervenes Minister of Communications Pantami.

Isa Pantami, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, said his conflicting past comments on terrorist groups, including the Taliban and al-Qaeda, were misunderstood, The PUNCH reported.

The minister also said he had no problem with Christians, adding that his personal driver, secretary and technical assistant are all Christians.

Antami announced this in an interview with the Peoples Gazette on Friday.

He said, “My personal driver is Mai Keffi, a practicing Christian. I also have a Christian, Ms. Nwosu as my secretary, and Dr. Femi, also a Christian, as my technical advisor.

“If I didn’t love Christians or see them as my brothers and sisters, I wouldn’t work with them for so long. I have recruited more Christians than Muslims to my staff because I believe in merit and competence with regard to ethnic or tribal feelings. ”

“I have never forgiven terrorism and I reject any affiliation with terrorist groups. For a long time I have been preaching the peaceful coexistence of people of all religions and nationalities, ”the minister added.

PUNCH reports that Pantami has been targeted due to his alleged links to terrorist groups, and many Nigerians have asked the president, Major General Muhammadu Bukhari (retired), to fire the minister.

The Nigerian Twitter community also said the minister cannot be trusted with Nigerian data, especially with the current national identification number and caller ID module integration drills under his supervision.

In a viral video recorded many years ago, which was later confirmed by his lawyer Michael Numa, the minister was seen engaging the late Boko Haram leader Mohammed Yusuf in a public debate.

Even Antami, an Islamic scholar, according to the Peoples Gazette, once stated that he was always happy when infidels were killed.

The Peoples Gazette reported that Antamy’s comments were contained in three audio recordings of his teachings in the 2000s, when he took an extreme position in support of the brutal exploits of al-Qaeda and Taliban elements in a campaign to destroy the West and conquer others. peace.

But in his latest interview, the minister said his statements were misinterpreted and he denied involvement in terrorist groups.

The hashtag #PantamiResign has become popular on the Internet. The minister’s supporters also came up with a counter-hashtag – #PantamiWillStay.

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