“My wife comes home at night to beat me,” shouts a man in court.

Posted by on Oct 16, 2020, Under: News

“My wife comes home at night to beat me,” shouts a man in court.

The marriage between Master Musibaw Alimi and his wife Bolaji was annulled by a regular court in Mapo, Ibadan, on Friday after he claimed she beat and threatened him.

In passing the verdict, the president of the court, Ademola Odunade, said that the marriage had been dissolved so that the couple would not resort to “self-help.”

As a result, NAN reports that Odunade has dissolved the union and transferred custody of an only child to Bolaji.

He ordered Alimi to pay Bolaji 5,000 AD. E. As a monthly alimony.

Earlier, Alimi, who is the helmsman, ordered the court to dissolve the union because Bolaji was beating him up.

Alimi said, “Bolaji gets into trouble for nagging for no particular reason and also spending most of his time with his mother.

“Come home at night to beat me. In fact, I packed my suitcases from home when the threat from Bolaji to my life became unbearable. “

For her part, Bolaji, who did not deny her husband’s accusations, told the court that her husband was an irresponsible person because he never cared about her welfare.

“Musibau has never been a caring partner because he comes home when he feels himself and sometimes leaves home for three days.

“My mother paid for all my prenatal needs when I was pregnant.

“I’m just asking the court to make my husband responsible for our son’s well-being,” Bolaji said.