NANS President indicted for embezzling $ 200,000 ($ 76.2 million)

NANS President indicted for embezzling $ 200,000 ($ 76.2 million)

The Senate branch of the Association indicted Danielson Akpan, president of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), in an augmentation meeting for gross incompetence, embezzlement of $ 200,000 and an extension of his term. one year, disdain for NANS requirements and insensitivity to the plight of Nigerian students, among others.

Prior to impeachment, Akpan, who took over as president of NANS in July 2018, worked beyond his 12-month term, leading to complaints from other officials and stakeholders.

Akpan was prosecuted by the Senate branch of the association at an emergency session of the Senate held on Tuesday, October 13. He was indicted after being charged with financial misconduct, diverting students from palliative measures against COVID-19 and withholding relevant information to help the organization grow and develop the country.

It was also claimed that he received huge sums of money from some government agencies, including the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for student palliatives from COVID-19, and diverted money.

The statement was read;

“Mr. Akpan abused his position by committing arbitrary and unlawful acts that infringe on the rights of other NANS members, all in violation of the NANS Official Code of Conduct, enshrined in Appendix 3 to the Constitution and Charter. NANS applications.

“The former NANS chairman was also charged with not regretting despite the exposure that he received the money as intended, but rather resorted to threatening the lives of committee members in an attempt to dissuade and intimidate them from committing to end their constitutional functions and even threatened the life of Senate President Gambo Abu Mohammed.

“This committee has recommended to the Senate that, while exercising the powers and functions of the Senate, as expressed and clearly provided for in Article 13 (a) of the Constitution and the document requesting the NANS, remove the President, Mr. Danielson Bamidele Akpan, from appointment and immediately expel him from the organization.”

Former Vice President Chidi Ilohede was sworn in as President of NANS, and all assets and funds of the association held by Akpan are to be fully returned.

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