NATO controls all Russian air bases in Crimea

Posted by on Nov 4, 2020, Under: News

The NATO Alliance showed Russia how it controls its airbases in occupied Crimea. All Russian military air bases in Crimea are under NATO control.

Contrary to the means of protection located at Russian military bases on the territory of the occupied Crimea, NATO (primarily the United States) fully control military airfields, receiving data on any take-offs from Russian air bases.

This is evidenced by a VIDEO presented by one of the NATO member countries, in which you can see that drones located off the western coast of Crimea and the radar of a warship receive data on takeoffs of Russian combat aircraft, even when the latter are at low altitudes.

The video was reportedly taken back in 2018, however, the situation points to the fact that Russian military facilities in Crimea are under close surveillance by NATO and the United States. Any movement is tracked. Moscow does not appear to have effective means of suppressing NATO surveillance. In fact, Russian bases in Crimea are marked targets for destruction in the event of any more or less serious conflict with the alliance.

“By controlling the Russian military airbases in Crimea, one of the most protected areas loses all meaning, since the existing technologies allow directing anti-aircraft missiles at aircraft taking off, and this is already a very serious threat to Russia,” experts say.

It should be noted that the video reveals the almost complete location of Russian military airfields, although at the moment it remains unknown where the British Navy warship itself was located in the Black Sea.

We will remind that earlier the command of the British Navy said that it did not take Russia’s warnings in the Black Sea.

After the appearance of a British destroyer in the waters of the Black Sea and warnings from Russia, the media reported with reference to the statement of the British military that they completely ignore any warnings from Russia to British ships entering the waters of the Black Sea.