NATO is preparing for a nuclear war with Russia. Pilots learn to deliver bombs to the drop site

Posted by on Oct 16, 2020, Under: News

In Germany, under the conditions of heightened security measures, NATO exercises “Resilient Noon” are being held to work out interaction in the event of a nuclear aggression by Russia. Dutch, Belgian and Italian fighters also take part in them. The organizers are silent about the scenario of the maneuvers, according to the newspaper Bild.

According to the newspaper, at the Nervenich airbase in North Rhine Westphalia, the military is training the safe delivery of American nuclear weapons from underground bunkers and installing them on fighters. For training purposes, planes take off without bombs.

As part of NATO’s “nuclear exchange”, the B61 hydrogen bombs can be dropped in an emergency by German Tornado fighters. The same weapons are kept in Italy, Belgium, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Nervenich can be used as an alternative storage site for the B61 bombs, which are located in Büchel in Rhineland-Palatinate. At the same time, the Resilient Guard military exercise is taking place in Büchel, during which the Air Force trains to defend the airbase from attack using Patriot air defense systems.

NATO pays special attention to the annual maneuvers in Germany. The threat of nuclear war is now higher than in the past three decades, mainly due to the US withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF Treaty), as well as amid doubts about the future of an agreement on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (START-3). Today Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed to the United States to extend the latter without any conditions for at least one year.

Many military experts fear that another arms race could begin in the world because of Russia’s nuclear blackmail. For example, the United States is already working on a new medium-range mobile ground system that would be illegal during the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Russia is complaining that NATO is mastering a new guided nuclear bomb. Russian expert Andrei Koshkin believes that this is a planned preparation, which involved the improvement of new modifications of nuclear weapons. Thus, Germany has demonstrated its nuclear potential, despite the fact that it is not part of the so-called nuclear club, the expert added.

Russian agents in Germany have already been “alerted”. So. German Greens have attacked the NATO exercises in Nervenich and Bücheel, claiming that “there is a clear contradiction in the fact that on the one hand the German government is committed to the idea of ​​a nuclear-free world and at the same time German pilots are training the transportation of nuclear weapons from Germany into the drop zone “.