NDLEA directs successful batches 2 and 3 narcotics assistant candidates

NDLEA directs successful batches 2 and 3 narcotics assistant candidates



The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has ordered successful applicants from Lots 2 and 3 Narcotic Assistant (NAS) to report for training in the order of the groups and scheduled dates against their names. While the lot 2 list was published on Wednesday 7 July 2021, the lot 3 list is published along with this declaration.

Successful applicants whose names are listed on the list posted on the agencies website: www.ndlea.gov.ng must report for training at NDLEA Academy, Katon Rikkos, Jos, Plateau State for training in the order of specified groups right away:

a. GROUP ONE (2nd LOT). Serial number 1 350 (Saturday 27 November 2021).

B. GROUP TWO (2nd LOT). Serial number 351 700 (Sunday, November 28, 2021).

C. GROUP THREE (2nd LOT). Serial number 701 1,000 (Monday, November 29, 2021).

D. GROUP FOUR (3rd LOT). Serial number 1 350 (Tuesday 30 November 2021).

And. GROUP FIVE (3rd LOT) Serial number 351 700 (Wednesday 1 December 2021).

F. GROUP SIX (3rd LOT). Serial number 701 801 (Thursday 2 December 2021).


All successful candidates at NDLEA Academy, Kotton Rikus, Jos with the following:

I. Original and photocopy of credentials, as well as the reference document of the NDLEA online application.

ii. Four copies of color passport photos without cap / hat.

ii. Writing materials to include ballpoint pen, pencil, ruler, notebooks and file cover.

IV. Three pairs of white crewneck vests (unmarked) and navy blue shorts (no stripes).

v. Two pairs of black and white socks.

you. Two pairs of pure black canvas trainers (rubber type NOT acceptable).

vii. Two white sheets and pillow cases.

viii. Two black pants and white long-sleeved shirts.

ix. A blanket (gray or military green).

X. Two pairs of national dresses or suits and casual dresses with shoes.

xi. Bucket, sabers and brooms to be purchased on arrival.

xii. Some pocket money and toiletries.

xiii. Two black fabric masks.

All successful candidates must always comply with the COVID-19 protocols.Candidates who do not show up by 18:00 on Thursday 2 December 2021 will be disqualified.

FEMI BABAFEMIDirector, Media and Advocacy Monday, November 15, 2021

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