NDP must unite to secure election victory – Atiku

NDP must unite to secure election victory – Atiku

Former vice president and presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, said the party must be united to ensure victory in the 2023 general election.

Wazirin Adamawa also said that he is simply a politically naive and less far-sighted politician who will give up the PDP for the All Progressive Congress (APC), adding that Ebony State Governor Dave Umahi “will one day be brave enough to tell the Ebony. the real reasons why he went to the sinking APC ship ”.

Speaking Tuesday at a political event held in the Afikpo local government area in the southern Eboyin Senatorial Zone by one of the distinguished sons of the local government and an NDP stakeholder, businessman and philanthropist in the state of Ingres. Dr. Onuoha Nnachi, Atiku, in a goodwill message read by someone from Oladimeji Fabiyi, said that in due time people would know the main reason why Umahi joined the APC.

The event turned into a political rally organized on the occasion of the NDP’s Edda Day, which was attended by a huge crowd and was attended by party leaders from inside and outside the state.

Party leaders and key stakeholders attending the event included: South East Zone Overseer Ali Odefa, Senator representing Senator South Ebony, Dr. Michael Ama Nnachi, The Hon. Iduma Igvarvey, Vice President of the House Appropriations Committee of the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Sylvester Ogbagba, Supreme Leader Julius Ama Orji, (Ochiri 1) engr. Fidelis Nwankwo, Former Minister of Health of the State, Head of Ajim Best, Honorable Emmanuel Kanodu, Chief Abiam Onyike, all members of the State House of Assembly of the NDP, members of the State Committee of Trustees headed by President Fred Udeogu and others.

Atiku Abubakar, in his goodwill message read out by his spokesman, said he thanked all party supporters in Ebony State for ignoring Governor Umaha’s decision and moving to APC.

He expressed his deep gratitude to the main guest of the Ingres event. Dr. Onuoha, whom he named one of the best food and golden sons in the state for organizing the event.

In the message of Hon. Oladimeji Fabiyi, Atiku, said that “today’s event is evidence that Eboyin is the NDP, the NDP is Eboyin. This event made the announcement stronger and sent a strong signal to all that the NDP is not wavering in Eboyin State and the southeast in general.

“For us, as a party, to consistently win our future elections, the NDP must remain peaceful and united at all levels, as unity is the key to our electoral success, we have numbers, people, strength, strategy and the leader of the state, Eboyin.

“The unsuccessful actions of the governor are a temporary setback, which is normal in the political arena, so we should not stop there, the NDP in Ebony is very strong and durable.

“It’s just a politically naive, stupid, visionless and courseless ship that will leave the quiet, progressive, single-minded and single-minded ship and jump onto a sinking, aimless ship sailing nowhere.

“I hope one day the governor of Umaha will be brave enough to tell the Eboy about the real reasons he left for the sinking APC ship. If he doesn’t, we will tell people when the time is right. ”

While other leaders took turns delivering messages of goodwill and pledging their full support for the PDP, the host leader also expressed his appreciation and optimism that the PDP will take over the management of the Ebonya government house regardless of 2023.

In his speech, party chairman Julius Orci (Ochiri 1) called on all important stakeholders to work together for the party’s success.

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