NDP support service asks Bukhari to name sponsors of terrorism

NDP support service asks Bukhari to name sponsors of terrorism

The main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), welcomed the appeal to President Muhammad Bukhari of the diaspora branch of the ruling All-Progressive Congress (APC) to designate sponsors of terrorism in the country.

In response to the appeal, NDP National Advertising Secretary Cola Ologbondiyan said the Diaspora APC simply repeated what the NDP had called for for years.

According to Mr. Ologbondiyan, President Bukhari is one who plays politics with insecurity, adding that if the government does know the sponsors of the country’s reckless assassinations, the right decision would be to name those sponsors and dishonor them.

“This is not a reprimand ‘we know those who sponsor terrorism’, give them a name. We are glad that members of their diaspora are now looking at things from the point of view of the NDP.

“People are dying due to negligence, and the president is sitting and doing nothing. This is not even to the liking of the Nigerians, many of whom have been victims of these senseless killings. Young people, women, civil society organizations and many others have asked the president to address the Nigerians, but the man is simply not interested.

“He must go out and name those who made our country one of the most dangerous places to live on earth. Why is the government or the president refusing to summon these people? Not mentioning their names is tantamount to encouraging and encouraging terrorism in our country, ”he said.

Source: – Vanguard

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